Loan periods

Fiction Video Cassettes, Fiction DVDs
7 days

New Adult Fiction, Audio Books, Music Cassettes, Compact Discs, CD ROMs, Magazines, Pamphlets
14 days

Audio Books
21 days

Nonfiction Video Cassettes, Nonfiction DVDs and All other circulating materials
28 days


Please present your library card when borrowing library materials. For your security, only you may use your library card to borrow materials. If you do not have your library card with you, a photo ID may be used, or we will gladly hold your selections for 48 hours. You may have a total of 50 items borrowed on your library card at one time. This total may include 5 videos and/or DVDs, 5 music cassettes and/or compact discs, and 5 CD ROMs. Overdue fines are $1 per day for videos and DVDs and $.10 per day for all other materials.