John McIntire Library

As Long As We Both Shall Love

Join us for a fascinating evening as Karen Dunak discusses the post-World War II invention of what many people believe to be longstanding American wedding traditions. The real tradition, and the reason for the elaborate wedding's longevity as a cultural touchstone, is the personalization of the celebration. Couples of varied economic backgrounds, political persuasions, and cultural viewpoints have used the wedding to demonstrate views of their relationships, the nation, and their place as American citizens.

Tea and Tranquility with Debra Knapke

Perhaps the ritual of "tea time" has been passed down to you through generations of family members who learned how to savor this time as a special respite in the day. Or maybe you are new to tea and are confused by all the options. In this workshop you'll learn how to observe the "art" of tea time as a break from routine that can be both relaxing and refreshing. Debra will share a presentation about the cultural aspects of the tea ceremony and describe how tea time can be used for conversation and/or quiet reflection. She'll also demonstrate how to "properly" brew a cup of tea.

Civil War Oddities

April marks the 150 year anniversary of the end of the American Civil War. To mark this occasion, historian and Program Development Director for Roscoe Village, Chris Hart, will present a talk entitled Civil War Oddities. Hart will share some of the strange events and coincidences that occurred during this epic four year battle. Included are tales of strange deaths, chance meetings and unsolved mysteries. This program is a must for any Civil War or history enthusiast. Registration is requested for this free program.